Fair, fast & reliable business loans

Now, UK businesses can access fair, unsecured loans from £1,000 – £100,000 within 4 hours. No business plan required. No effect on credit score.

Based on Reviews – 4.9 out of 5

We simply look at what’s important to your business.

Here’s how it works:

Whether you’re looking for a quick £1,000 bridge or £100,000 working capital, we’re here to make it happen. We’ve helped 100s of UK SMEs grab opportunities, which would have otherwise fallen through the net, giving them their chance to shine.

If your business has potential, it’s a huge win.

If you’re still waiting around at the bank, you’re losing out.

4 hour

4 hour funding

Flexible top-ups &

No early
repayment fees

Human touch

Adaptable loans that tick all your boxes

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Built for scalable businesses
looking to thrive

We understand small businesses better than a highstreet bank ever could, because we live and love the dream with our customers all day long.

After you apply, your business will be evaluated on metrics that actually count such as disposable income, payment history and expected cash-flow. We’ll then build your file based on our flexible model – more realistically than a high-street bank ever could.

Partner with a business lender who meets
your needs

Partner with a business lender

who meets your needs

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my story

my passion

“When Covid-19 kicked-in and the UK went into lockdown, so did access to loans. A broker referred me to mycashline who were happy to offer financial assistance. mycashline is superb and quick! A few clicks on your phone, signing e-docs, direct debit completion and the money is in your account the next day. I will definitely use this company again.”

Lilly Jones, Director, Jones Real Estate Ltd.

“Mycashline was actually recommended to me by my bank manager. Obviously my bank had always backed me, but they just took so long to do it. Literally 24 hours after my application, I had the finance I needed.  It was so fast, I’ve never known anything like it.

Charlotte Richards, Founder & Managing Director, Talismanico Ltd.