About us

About Us

Levelling the playing field for SME finance

mycashline evolved out of a passion to bring accessible finance to UK businesses and level the playing field for the SME marketplace. Without the time or resources to navigate the red tape of standard financial lending, small businesses were consistently missing out on opportunities for growth. When resources and legislation are working against you, we’re here to ensure that time spent business owners acquire the working capital their business deserves.

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Meet the Team

With years of start-up experience, launching and supporting businesses internationally,

mycashline talk your language and understand your risks. On top of that, we genuinely want the businesses we work with to see themselves in a better place after working with us and we are proud to tell their story afterwards.

Drop us an email and let us know how we can support your journey at hello@mycashline.co.uk

Yisroel Perkel

Founder & CTO

Dovi David


Francois Sarzin

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Benjamin

Executive Director

Augustine Gyapong

Senior Credit Risk & Fraud Manager

Rachel Morgan

Head of Marketing

Cristiano Winckler

Marketing Director