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Welcome to the mycashline hub a resource developed to help business owners stay relevant and profitable. We’ll keep you up to date with new trends, technology and innovation so that you can stay focused on the things that matter to your business the most.

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2022 12 22 shawbrook announcement web 2

Shawbrook Bank provides multi-million pound backing

What an amazing way to end the year! Today we announced that we’ve secured a multi-million-pound new debt facility from Shawbrook.

2023 11 blog christmas tips

Four small business tips for Christmas 2023

Deck the halls with business success: we've pulled together some top tips for SMEs this Christmas.

Banking & technology
2023 11 blog understanding credit score

Understanding and managing your business credit score

We've created the ultimate guide for small business owners to help them understand and manage their business credit score.

Banking & technology
2023 11 blog what is a business credit score

What is a business credit score?

A business credit score is a numerical representation of your company's creditworthiness. These scores are used by lenders, suppliers, and other parties to evaluate the risk associated with doing business with you.

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