Frequently Asked Questions


Usually we’ll ask you for the following:

– Your latest filed accounts
– Your business’s last 3 months of bank statements
– a passport or driver’s license.

We will need to see a business plan with financial projections if you are a start-up entity.

Yes, we have a team led by your own account manager who will manage your application from beginning to the end.

You can reapply 6 months after a decline decision if your circumstances change

Yes you can. As a minimum we’ll need your company name, address and 3 months of business bank statements.

Lending Criteria

We like to see at least 4 months of trading or more for the businesses we work with.

We can still lend as long as there is a reasonable explanation for this and has or is being sorted out.

We always seek to lend responsibly with an eye on the future and can approve an application as long as the business’s cashflow can support future repayments. We’ll talk to you about your business cycles and expectations to ensure you are in a safe place to set up affordable and realistic repayments.

We can only lend to limited liability business types

It’s certainly worth applying for a business loan with us if you’ve failed to get approved elsewhere. We’ve lent to many businesses who have previously been turned down for a bank loan, and we believe this is down to the fact that we value different criteria when underwriting a loan.

We can only lend to businesses that have at least four months’ trading history. Once you’ve been trading for six months and are turning over at least £5,000 per month we’d be delighted to consider your business for funding, so please get in touch.

Generally, if you have significant adverse credit, we will not lend. If you have exceptional reasons, we can consider. Typically, current CCJs or frequent missed payments makes it unlikely we will lend to you.

We lend to customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

We currently do not lend to customers based in the channel Islands

Loan terms & options

No it would not. Your credit score is only impacted after we have provided a credit facility and is dependent on your repayment history.

We turn around applications in under 4 hours subject to receiving all requirements from your business.

Our loans do not have government backed reliefs such as on interest rates and guarantees. Our loans are risk based products which are determined by the ability of the business to repay and are ultimately backed up by a guarantor.

Talk to us about straightforward top-up’s available to our existing customers

Our usual minimum lend is £5,000 but we can consider lower credit options under certain circumstances. The best thing is to talk to us today about your requirements and we’ll see how we can tailor our funding options to your business goals.

At the moment no, but it’s something we’re working on for the future.

Yes you can. Preference given to significantly paid in customers who have a flawless payment history with us.

Our funding options range from £5,000 – £100,000 over a term of 6 – 18 months

A secured loan will require you to put up a property as collateral against the loan. You don’t need to provide such security for an unsecured loan with us, but we will require a personal guarantee from at least one director in the business.


Commission is usually paid weekly, subject to our broker agreement.

We’re working on it! In the mean time you can apply with the required documents at brokers@mycashline.co.uk

Commission is based on our arrangement with each broker. Contact us to discuss you options.

Our underwriting comprises elements of both sophisticated AI as well as human touch processes.

Our pricing is based on risk

3% is our maximum commission however if you become a VIP broker then you can earn bonus commission subject to hitting defined targets


Yes you can repay early and with no early exit charges or hidden fees.

You can make repayments by direct debits. In instances where direct debits are not applicable, you can make repayments by standing orders.

If you’re struggling, or something comes up which may impact your ability to repay then make sure to advise us in good time. Once we understand your specific situation we can work to find the best way forward. Late repayments can attract late fee charges, so always talk to us first so we can help.

Yes you can make overpayments without any early repayment or exit charges.

If you want to settle in full before the agreed term, you can call us on 020 1234 4567 or email us at hello@mycashline.co.uk and we can arrange this for you.

You will usually receive reminders prior to your upcoming payment which will confirm your balance. You can also call up or email us at anytime to request an update.


While many lenders are taking part in the Bounce Back Loans and CBILS schemes, we’re focused on supporting the 50% of businesses that are unable to access government-backed funding during this time. If you’re in need of working capital or wider business support, we’re ready to help.