Frequently Asked Questions


Who uses MyCashline?

MyCashline supports businesses within a growing number of sectors in the UK and Europe. Whether you are looking for bridging funds to smooth out a cashflow dip, or looking to invest in much needed equipment or machinery, MyCashline can provide that much needed support – immediately. Applicants must have a UK or Europe based business and operate as a sole-trader, partnership or limited company.

Do you offer finance to start-up’s?

Yes. Mycashline appreciates that small businesses and start-ups have difficulty accessing finance to power their growth. As supporters of the UK start-up industry we offer funds to both start-up’s as well as limited companies, and partnerships of 3 or more people.


What is the approval process?

We first ask you to provide us with the necessary information to get to know your business needs via our online application form. Following this, one of our account managers will be in touch with you to talk through the next stages of your loan.

How long does it take to recieve funds?

Your account manager will validate your approval and a loan repayment agreement will be drawn up according to your requested payback schedule. Upon receiving approval and e-signing your loan agreement, funds can then be transferred the very same day.

What is the role of the account manager?

Your account manager is trained and experienced to deal with your business sector. They are there to guide you through all aspects of the application and borrowing process, assisting with any questions from beginning to end. They’ll also provide you with their direct contact information for help anytime

Do you carry out a credit check?

We carry out a soft check based on the information submitted via our online application form. This will not affect your credit score in any way. A credit footprint will only be left on your record once the loan has been funded.

How long will I have to payback the loan?

Our loans are available on a payback schedule from as short as 1 month up to a 12 month period. Talk to us about our cash break options and flexible re-payments should you need.

What is my commitment?

Our application and quotation service are offered free of charge. Feel free to apply with no commitment or fees.


Tell me more about your loan options?

With MyCashline you can choose from three main loan options; a bank free business overdraft, a fixed term loan or a flexible Enterprise solution. See our pricing options for more information.

How much does it cost?

Our loans typically start at a 5% interest every 30 days. See our detailed pricing for more information or apply today for a free quotation.

What are your bank details?

Bank Name: Barclays
Account Name: Merchant Finance London Limited
Sort Code: 20-32-06
Account Number: 70282340
For International Payments:
Swift Code: BUKBGB22
IBAN: GB38 BUKB 2032 0670 2823 40

Can I speak to someone before I apply?

Of course. Businesses are able to apply for a credit facility or fixed term loan online or over the phone. The application process does not require printing, signing, faxing or the downloading or uploading of documents. Call us any time to discuss your options.

Can I take out a second loan?

Yes. As soon as you have re-paid the capital from your original agreement you will be eligible to re-apply for a second loan.


Is this process safe and confidential?

MyCashline, a trading style of Merchant Finance London Limited has established themselves as a trusted and reliable credit facility provider, a source of finance for small and medium businesses in the UK. Any data collected is fully encrypted and secured by our servers.

How do you secure my data?

We are fully compliant with GDPR regulations and store data in a fully encrypted and secure method. For more information visit our privacy policy page.

Is my data secure when linked up to MyCashline?

Linking up your accounting system with us allows sharing of accurate and real-time data including your bank statements, VAT returns and company details. You are in control of your user sharing settings as all times, and the data we collect is fully confidental and not shared across any platform whatsoever.

Do you share data with other lenders or broker sites?

No. We will never share your data without your specific permission.