Terms of use

Website terms of use


2.1 Ethos

The mycashline website is currently our main trading brand. The website is the introduction to SME’s thereby acting as the primary portal through which we interact with our customers and provide them with information on our offering and business practices. It is essential, therefore, that the website is managed, operated and maintained to the highest standards and takes into account the principles by which we run our business.

2.2 Our Website Testimonials

All testimonials received from businesses are kept in a “Testimonials file” (cloud based). We maintain this file of information carefully so that we are able to provide evidence for any testimonial we produce on our website.

Any Testimonial is given by the customer. Our internal policy is that we consider using fake testimonials as an example of an unfair business practice. Therefore any suggestion that testimonial evidence has been obtained by any illicit or an inability on our part to back up any testimonial we use could create extremely damaging publicity.

When a testimonial is used in any promotional material, a check is made and confirmed that:

  • The SME has voluntarily left their review; and
  • The information is true & correct

2.3 Website Security

The data captured during the application for credit is considered sensitive. Industry standard security measures have therefore been deployed in order to keep the data as secure as possible at all times.

All pages that customer data is captured on are protected by a 128 bit encrypted secure connection. The secured connection and encryption algorithm are certified by a recognized Secure Socket Layer certificate authority.

2.4 Website Application Terms & Conditions

When the SME have completed their website application they are directed to and required to accept our Website Application Terms & Conditions (Terms of Website Use), which refer the customer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Acceptable Use policy as well. This is prior to submitting an application for credit on our Website.

2.5 Other Standard Website Policies

Please see attached the following policies at Addendum 2 :

Website Application Terms & Conditions ;

Privacy Policy ;

Acceptable Use Policy ; and

Cookie Policy

2.6 Our Domain and Trading Names

We must ensure that our trading names are not likely to mislead customers about the status or the nature of our business, or in any other way. 

Currently the only active trading name is MyCashline.co.uk and we are of the opinion that this trading name does not misrepresent the firm in anyway.

2.7 The “mycashline” Website

Please find attached at Addendum 2 an example page from our main website. The following information is clearly shown on the landing page; our Contact Details, Company number, ICO registration number and details of how to apply.

When toggling through the site, our charges, missed payment warnings, complaints procedure and business practises and policies are easily accessible.