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Welcome to the mycashline hub a resource developed to help business owners stay relevant and profitable. We’ll keep you up to date with new trends, technology and innovation so that you can stay focused on the things that matter to your business the most.

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Loans and cashflow
Economic turbulence for UK SMEs

Everything small business owners should be doing right now

Top tips for small business owners on how to survive economic uncertainty.

Loans and cashflow
Funding options for a business with great growth potential

What’s the best funding option for a business with great growth potential?

Are unsecured business loans the best financing option when you have great growth potential?

Loans and cashflow
How to improve your cash flow

Small business in focus: How to improve your cash flow

Need help managing your cash flow? Here’s our ultimate guide to improving your cash flow for small businesses.

Loans and cashflow
Peer to peer lending for small businesses

What small businesses need to know about peer-to-peer lending

Considering peer-to-peer lending but not sure it’s the right funding option for your business? We take a look at the ins and outs and compare peer-to-peer borrowing with online business loans.

Loans and cashflow
top 5 uses for a business loan

5 Uses for a business loan - from the mycashline team

Want to know the top uses for a business loan? Here’s our top 5 from the mycashline team to help get your idea flowing.

Loans and cashflow
How does crowdfunding work

How does crowdfunding work and is it a good option for small businesses?

Does crowdfunding work for all businesses or just those who can spin a great story? We look at how crowdfunding compares to business loans.

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