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Welcome to the mycashline hub a resource developed to help business owners stay relevant and profitable. We’ll keep you up to date with new trends, technology and innovation so that you can stay focused on the things that matter to your business the most.

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Thought Leadership
Exporting for SMEs

Ready to start exporting? Here’s what you need to know

Here’s how to export, even if you’re an SME

Thought Leadership
Business credit score

Here's how to build your business credit score

Ever wondered how to build your business credit score? It’s easier than you think. Here’s the inside track.

Thought Leadership
Business strategy

Business strategy: what should you be doing right now to make the most of your business over the coming year?

What should you be doing to form a business strategy for the year ahead? Here’s what every small business owner needs to know.

Thought Leadership
Ecommerce best practice

E-commerce best practice - What's your ecommerce strategy for the year ahead?

Our guide to getting started with small business ecommerce

Thought Leadership
diversity for small businesses

Do you know why diversity in your small business is so important?

If you’re running a small business and want to improve diversity, it can seem like a daunting task. Here’s our guide to diversity and inclusion for SMEs.

Thought Leadership
wellbeing and mental health for SMEs

Are you doing enough to maintain wellbeing and mental health in your small business?

Do you have your own business? Suffering from stress? Here’s our guide to managing wellbeing and mental health when you’re running the show.

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